Have you registered for your NTSA driving license?

While it is possible you still want to drive with your old driving license, a new era is here. The digital era.  Upgrading to a digital license will enable the NTSA to offer Kenyans better services.   Also, it will make their work easier.

Unfortunately, if you haven’t gotten your digital license, you have until July 2020 to renew your manual license. Otherwise, NTSA has vowed to make citizens pay for exorbitant fines.

Suspension of manual licenses

NTSA will suspend all manual driving licenses by July 1, 2020.  NTSA plans on issuing instant fines as trials on July 1st, and from there, fully implements the new program.

In the words of Dr, Matiangi:

“NTSA is migrating to digital and digital is the way forward”.

NTSA believes shifting to a digital system will help bring some sobriety on the Kenyan roads.  This is a huge step towards curbing road carnage.

The new NTSA smart card is integrated with a cumulative point system that keeps track of drivers’ scores. The NTSA program will track and keep these scores based on the behavior of drivers while driving.  As a driver, you will either earn a reward point or penalty points, depending on how you will observe traffic rules.  If you disobey traffic rules, your card loses points. NTSA will ban your license should fall below the minimum required threshold.

Good drivers will be able to build a strong reputation by accumulating extra reward points. Drivers can in turn use these points as leverage when applying for insurance premiums or when seeking employment opportunities.

High-risk drivers will end up paying high insurance premiums once NTSA implements this system.

Here are a few things you need to know about NTSA driving license renewal:

  • You need KSH.3000 to renew the license. This is on top of the KSH 50 you pay when you renew your license through NTSA’s online system.
  • You have an advantage if you are a PSV driver or you are coming straight from the driving school. If you fall in this category, you get priority.
  • You can register for the NTSA driving license through NTSA partners.
  • NTSA will use a cumulative point system to track drivers’ behavior on the road.
  • Insurance companies and employers will have access to your driving record.
  • You will pay for the fine charged through the NTSA account.
  • The NTSA smart card will integrate details such as your number plate, your logbook details, and your car dealer details.

Applying for NTSA Driving License

Applying for the new NTSA smart card is straightforward. All you need is to log on to the NTSA website portal and register for a TIMS account. Be sure to fill the all the relevant personal details, make the payment, plus make the necessary booking arrangements to submit your digital picture, your signature, and biometrics.