Reckless driving is uncalled for and dangerous. With many years of driving, it is likely we’ve learned bad driving habits along the way.  And with bad habits came new set of problems: more accidents, more fines, neglect and damage of the vehicle, and so on.  Many accidents on the road all as result of reckless driving. You can avoid all such problems by practicing good driving habits while you unlearn the bad driving habits.

This article discusses some bad driving habits you may need to unlearn.


Driving too closely behind another motorist is one annoying driving habit. Many collisions happen because of tailgating. Some drivers may not be aware of the fact that they are tailgating. Some drivers tailgate as way to actively pressure the driver in front to accelerate.

While dealing with tailgates can be a challenge, a simple trick is to allow the motorist tailgating to drive past you – but often when it’s safe to overtake.

You can avoid this bad driving habit by  driving at a safe distance while avoiding braking sharply. Also, gradually slow down to avoid being too close behind the next motorist. If you can observe this, you may be in a position to avoid many damages incurred due to rear-ended collisions.

Failing to flash the indicator

Turning on your indicator to warn other vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists is one of the traffic rules you should always observe. Both motorists and pedestrians may find themselves in confusion when a vehicle intends to change direction to right or left but  they fail to turn on the indicator light. For everyone to use the road safely, as a driver, it is your responsibility to give appropriate signals. When you spot other users on the road, it is a safety measure to indicate your intended change of direction.

Reckless overtaking     

Overtaking is one of the most dangerous bad driving habits. Many accidents happen because of overtaking alone.

Overtaking is about timing – if you must overtake. Usually, one overtakes another vehicle when they are driving at high-speed but then it occurs to them there is a car in front of the lane, blocking the way. If you must overtake, only do so when it is safe.  Wait for an opportunity to overtake to present itself. That opportunity may occur or not happen at all. It’s all up to chance. Always observe the 2-seconds rule – that is, ensure there is a safe distance between you and driver ahead. Always scan the road ahead of you as you look for an overtaking opportunity.  Some factors to consider include oncoming vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, junctions and weather conditions.

Also, if you must overtake, engage a responsive gear that will enable you to maneuver quickly as you overtake the other motorist.

Hogging the fast lane

Hogging the fast lane is yet another habit that causes accidents. One of the rules on the Kenya road, especially when driving along Thika Superhighway is to “Keep Left Unless Overtaking”. Along superhighways like Thika road, the fast lane is used for overtaking. It is not a driving lane. However, some motorists will still hog the fast lane. So, for cars moving at top speed, the motorists tend to weave in and out of the lane in a bid overtake other motorists. This increases the likelihood of accidents.

Disobeying traffic lights

Disobeying the traffic is another reckless driving habit. Without traffic lights, driving on the road would be chaotic, congested, and there would be more accidents on the road. Regardless, some motorists have a habit of disobeying traffic lights. A driver who disobeys traffic lights not only endangers his life but also he puts the lives of others at risk. Always observe and follow designated traffic lights to avoid getting in trouble not only with NTSA but also to avoid accidents.

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