The NTSA traffic rules and fines are a game-changer. According to WHO, between 3,000 and 13,000 Kenyan perish every year due to road traffic crashes.  It is a sad reality. However, with the NTSA tightening the noose on the rules and regulations, reckless drivers on our roads are poised to face the music.

With NTSA working round the clock to implement all the traffic rules and regulations, we might just witness reduced statistics on road carnages in Kenya.  One of the chief causes of accidents that claim the lives of our friends and loved ones is reckless driving. And with NTSA becoming stricter with rules and regulations drivers are supposed to follow.

As a driver each time you commit a traffic offense, NTSA will slap you with varying penalties. It is wise to familiarize yourself with the NTSA traffic rules and the fines applicable.

Learning drivers that lack the “L” sign

New drivers on the road, straight from the driving school are expected to fix an “L” sign. You fix the sign at the rear and front sides of the car.

Offenders will pay a fine of Ksh.1,000.

Driving when using a cell phone

This one should be common sense to anyone, both motorists and pedestrians. But still, drivers will ignore this, despite it being a traffic offense, which on many occasions is a precursor to accidents. Should a police officer spot you driving while using a mobile, you will part away with Ksh.2,000. If you want to receive or make a call, integrate your phone with the Bluetooth function. You can text when you have parked your car or at home.

Picking or dropping off passengers at unauthorized terminals

If you want to pick up or drop off passengers, only do so at the designated terminals and bus stops. Otherwise, stopping just anywhere to pick a passenger or drop one is a traffic offence.

Failing to provide a driving license

Once you obtain your driving license, you should have all the time when you are on the wheels. Not only should you have your driving license all the time, but also you should drive the category of cars that you are licensed to drive. For instance, a truck driver’s license should stick to driving trucks. The same goes for you if you are a Nissan car driver.

Here is how NTSA traffic rules and fines break down for offences regarding driving license:

  • Not driving cars you are licensed: Ksh.7,000.
  • Failing to renew your license: Ksh. 1,000.
  • Failure to carry your license at all times: Ksh. 1,000.
  • Driving without a license and unqualified: Ksh 7,000.

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This offence should carry the maximum penalty. Over-speeding is among the top causes of road accidents in the country. Drivers who exceed the maximum limit allowed will pay fines according to the class of vehicle they drive.  NTSA has indicated various speed limits and the fines payable.

The fines payable are as follows:

  • 1-5 kph: Ksh.500.
  • 6-10 kph: Ksh. 3,000.
  • 11-15 Kph: Ksh. 6,000.
  • 16-20 Kph: Ksh. 10,000.

Exceeding speed limit displayed on road signs by certain speed limits attracts the following fines:

  1. 1-5 Kph: Ksh 500.
  2. 6-10 Kph: Ksh. 3,000.
  3. 11-15 Kph: Ksh. 6,000.
  4. 16-20 Kph: Ksh.10,000.

PSV driver and conductors rules

If you are a PSV driver, be sure you have the relevant qualifications. Unqualified drivers will pay a penalty of Ksh. 7000.  If you are a qualified driver, don’t let unauthorized persons drive the PSV vehicle. You will pay a fine totalling Ksh, 5000. Any unlicensed citizen acting as a conductor or a driver without a license will pay up to Ksh. 5,000.

  • Touting

NTSA has prohibited touting. Should you commit this offence, you will pay Ksh. 3,000.

  • Not installing a speed governor

Every PSV vehicle should have a speed governor. A vehicle without a speed governor attracts a fine of Ksh. 10,000.

Final thoughts on NTSA Rules and Fines

We have only mentioned a few of the NTSA rules you should follow antsa

nd the corresponding fines you are looking to pay. Visit NTSA official website to access more information. The more you familiarize yourself with the NTSA traffic rules, the better chances you have of avoiding paying huge fines. On the bright side, it’s a huge step towards eradicating reckless driving and road carnage.  According to NTSA, road crashes have fallen by 24% in the past year.