NTSA Vehicle Transfer guide

NTSA Vehicle Transfer guide

A time will come when you may want to undertake the NTSA vehicle transfer, a process that entails changing the title ownership of your car.

Many scenarios exist where you may want to do an NTSA vehicle transfer. You could be buying or selling a new vehicle if you operate a car dealership. You could be selling or buying a second hand model or rather You could receive the car as a gift or gift the car to someone. Also, it could be you inherited the vehicle or you wish to transfer its ownership to family members.Buy or sell here

Undertaking the NTSA vehicle transfer procedure doesn’t have to be complicated.

Follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Register and login to TIMS

Log on to NTSA web portal and register your details.

Before you transfer your vehicle, you have to register with your official details.  This goes for both the buyer and seller.  You can register as an individual, car dealer, or company.

  1. Transfer your vehicle

Navigate to the VEHICLE REGISTRATION menu and then apply for a transfer of ownership.

You will see the option to review the particulars of the car you wish to transfer ownership. Simply click on the “Create New Button” icon and then add your vehicle details on the vehicle registration number.

Once you click on the “Inquire” button, the page will display details about the vehicle.

From there, you’ll need to upload a copy of your logbook.

  1. Register the Buyers’ Details

Next, add the buyers’ details on the section labeled “New Vehicle Owners”. On this tab, choose whether the new owner is an individual, a car dealer or a company. If dealing with an individual, use their National ID or Passport number. If the owner is an institution or company, you will need their KRA pin.

Click “Add” once you have entered these details.

From there, complete the security verification step.

Once you do, the system sends the buyer a text message to alert them about the transfer. From there, you just have to wait for them to decline or accept transfer of ownership.

  1. Wait For the Buyer To Accept or Decline the Request

Once you have completed the above step, the buyer will receive a notification regarding the motor vehicle transfer. Wait for the buyer to Accept or Decline your motor vehicle transfer request. Once the buyer accepts the transfer, NTSA will approve and process the new logbook within a week.