Driving License Renewal

Driving License Renewal in Kenya

Thanks to the NTSA eCitizen portal, it is now straightforward to renew your driving license. Using the eCitizen Portal, Kenyan can access government services and process payments online.  One of the government services you can access on the e-Citizen portal I driving license renewal.

Renewing your driving license through the eCitizen portal is quite straightforward.  We explain how to go about in the next section here

 Driving license renewal: Steps to follow

  1. Login to eCitizen portal on NTSA website. If you haven’t already registered an account, do so.
  2. When logged in, navigate to the National Transport and Safety Authority tab.
  3. Next, tap on Submit Application. From there, click on Driving Licenses.
  4. To renew your license, NTSA presents you with two options: the first option is to go with the three-year license renewal, which costs Ksh. 1400. The other option is to for the one-year valid license, which costs Ksh.600. On top of the renewal charges, NTSA charges a mandatory convenience fee Ksh.50.
  5. Next, confirm you have put in the correct details, and then click Apply Now. Next, click “Submit”.
  6. Choose the method of payment you prefer. You can choose between M-pesa and Orange money. Alternatively, there is an option of your credit card or debit card.
  7. Once you make the payment, you will get the option to print your license. Your driving license renewal is complete.

That’s it. You only need to complete the above seven steps to renew your driving license.

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