Best Colleges in Kenya

Best Colleges in kenya
Best Colleges in kenya



Which are the best colleges in Kenya? This is a question that crosses most people’s minds when finding a college to enroll in after getting their examination results. Many individuals go to great lengths to find the best colleges in kenya to take their kids because the quality of education matters. A good college not only gives quality education but also increases your employability chances. Most recruiters, when recruiting job seekers, attach value to graduates based on their academic qualifications. Therefore, when selecting a college, ensure you consider all factors its reputation included. This is because a negative or positive reputation will impact a graduate during a job search. Let’s take a look at some of the best colleges in Kenya.

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Top 7 best colleges in Kenya

Through our in-depth research on this topic, these are the best colleges in Kenya to go to according to the courses that you would like to pursue, and quality education is guaranteed:

  1. The Kenya Medical Training College

The Kenya Medical Training College, popularly known as KMTC, is a government-accredited college known to provide the best medical courses in Kenya. KMTC has nurtured many graduates since its establishment in 1927, and it is it’s not only the best in Kenya; it is ranked among the best medical training college in East and Central Africa. Having around 65 constituent colleges countrywide, KMTC strives to produce very competent health practitioners by providing quality education.

  1. Kenya institute of management

Are you interested in pursuing a business-related course in a Kenya college? Then KIM is a place to be. This college prides itself in producing graduates who have a very high demand in the job market. They deliver very competitive certificate and diploma courses that are meant to assist a learner in enhancing their overall knowledge, skills, and a professional edge in the very competitive job market.

  1. Kenya Utalii College

The hospitality industry is among the biggest employer in the country as Kenya is ranked among the best tourism hubs in the country. If you would like to enroll in the best college in Kenya offering hospitality courses, you should strive to get a spot in Kenya Utalii College. Most top employers in the hospitality industry in Kenya prefer graduates who are from Utalii College.

  1. Kenya institute of mass communication

The Kenya Institute of Mass communication is one of the top-ranking Kenyan colleges known to provide the best mass communication diplomas. If you dream of becoming a media personality, then the Kenya institute of Mass communication is a good place to pursue that dream.

  1. Institute of Advanced Technology 

The Institute of Advanced Technology is popular for information and technology programs. The college has been operating for a long time and has trained more than 25 000 students until the present. The college’s main focus is to provide world-class training in an environment that is very conducive. IAT will seek you out if looking to become an IT specialist. IAT provides diploma, certificate, bachelor programs, and certificate courses.

  1. Tangaza college

This university college offers both diploma and degree courses. It has grown a lot over the years and has a very good reputation among employers. It provides quality education and nurtures graduates with skills to better assist them as employees and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, since this is a Catholic college, it instills students with Christian values, and thus graduates from this college are disciplined and all rounded.


  1. Kenya School of Monetary Studies 

The Central Bank of Kenya formed the KSMS to increase the capacity in the banking and finance industry. The main aim of KSMS is to equip and train banking professionals with financial management skills. The college offers diploma and undergraduate courses; when it started, it only provided short management courses. In addition, KSMS works with Moi and JKUAT University to provide postgraduate courses that are customized. If looking for a college where you can study banking and finance courses, then KSMS should be among your top choices.


Where a person attends college is not that significant; what matters is the quality of education they will acquire from there. The above colleges are some of the best colleges in Kenya to study for various programs. The colleges are also reputable among employers, and some even prefer employees from these specific colleges. If stuck when searching for the best college in Kenya, we have compiled some of the best in the articles above.