We get this question all the time, what are the best loan apps in kenya today? Well, there so many mobile loan apps in kenya today some are legitimate loan apps while others are mobile loan applications designed to mine peoples data or scam them there money with the pretense of a registration fee. Kenya has evolved in relations to technology and people no longer use the traditional lending facilities to access credit especially the low income earners who have turned to these mobile loan applications that require minima data to approve your eligibility to qualify for some quick loan.  These loan apps in kenya require just a smart phone, access to your credit history and in a matter of minutes you can be eligible for a loan amounting between ksh 500- ksh 50,000. Though there so many mobile loan applications in kenya we have decided to sieve between fake loan apps in kenya and legitimate mobile loan apps. Here is the list of the best loan apps in Kenya today.

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Berry is one of the Kenyans popular mobile loan application there is in the market. It credits its users with a low cost loan with a flexible repayment schedule of up to 60 days. To download Berry App you have to download it from Google Play store and you have to have a android or an IOS phone .If you have qualified they will disburse a loan of 500 and gradually will increase your limit up to 50,000 depending on how your credit history. If you default on your payments you risk your chance of qualifying for a quick loan next time you need one. This is one of the loan apps in kenya without a registration fee.

  1. Zash

Zash loan app is another application where one can get a quick loan that is not secured in Kenya. The application offers small loans of between ksh 500- ksh 50,000 and a duration of 90 days repayment period. The maximum APR is 25%. Zash is also one of the Kenyan loan apps without a registration fee.

  1. Tala

One of the companies in kenya offering mobile loans is Tala.  With an android or an IOS phone you can qualify for a quick loan with Tala however that is determined by several factors which gauge your credit history. Tala usually have a flat fee of 5% but there is a one-time fee of 13%. You will get a maximum of ksh 30,000 but that’s depends with your credit history. This is another mobile loan application in kenya that doesn’t have a registration fee.

  1. Okash

Okash is one of Kenya’s mobile loan application that provides credit to its users. Just like the rest of the mobile loan applications Okash looks at various parameters to determine  your credit worthy as a client but in many cases if your credit history is in good books there high chances you will qualify. Okash is also another mobile loan application service that doesn’t require a registration fee.




  1. Opesa

Opesa  is another mobile loan app in kenya offering access of loans anytime via the mobile phone.Its model is similar to Okash and there high chances this is a sister company.  The loan application service is available for all without restrictions of their income, gender among other requirements normally come into play when going for a traditional loan. The company distributes the loans via mpesa and the approval result wait time is about 5 minutes.

  1. Branch

Another Kenya’s popular mobile loan application without a registration fee is Branch. The mobile loan application is among Kenya leading personal finance apps that provides access to instant loans  with no documentation required. Branch offers its clients loans from a minimum of ksh 500 to a maximum of ksh 70,000. They are one of the best loan apps in kenya since they don’t charge late fees, or any rollover fees. There loans have a minimum repayment period of 60 days.

  1. Ipesa

Ipesa is another mobile loan application in our list of top best loan apps in kenya with no registration fee. Ipesa loan app can be accessed on Google play store and its offered by X credit. So far the loan app has been downloaded by over half a million people and received over 30,000 reviews. To qualify for a loan with them they have to check through their own systems your credit worthy.  You must also be 18 years of age with a valid ID card and a safaricom line that is active with mpesa.

  1. Zenka

Zenka is one of the leading mobile loan apps in kenya today. The loan application offers Kenyans an option of borrowing from ksh 500 which can be up to ksh 30,000. To get the maximum loan disbursement you have to build your credit history with them by paying your loan on time.  Zenka loans are usually repaid with a maximum duration of 61 days and have a processing fee of 9-39%.  The Zenka application app isn’t available in Google play store but its available at there official website where you can download the apk app and install it in your mobile phone. Zenka is one of the applications in Kenya that doesn’t charge a registration fee.

  1. Umba

Umba is another mobile loan application found in kenya market offering quick loans to Kenyans. The company has operations in kenya as well as in Nigeria. To qualify you must be of 18 years, your credit worthy and you own an Mpesa number where you can access the loan.To download the application you can click here and the link will take you to their application page. Umba doesn’t give much but if your looking for a quick loan between ksh 500 and ksh 5000 they are one of the best loan apps with no registration fee.


Senti is another loan app in Kenya that doesn’t charge a registration fee. They offer loans to Kenyans with a one-time service fee of between 10%-15% of the principal amount. The loan repayment period offered by Senti is a maximum of 120 days from the date of disbursement .to check them out you can download there app from here.

  1. Zidisha

Another loan application that doesn’t have a registration fee is Zidisha. The loan app is available in Google Play Store and all you need to do is to download and register. Zidisha is different from other mobile loan applications in Kenya s they operate under peer to peer lending. That means when you get a loan its not from the organization but from an independent lender. To qualify for credit you have to be an employee of an already running business and have a active social media account that’s Facebook and an active safaricom line.

11 Mshwari by Safaricom

Another popular loan application service that doesn’t have a registration fee as the requirement is Mshwari by safaricom. It’s one of the most popular ways Kenyans get quick credit . Mshwari offers you a loan based on your credit history and you can access mshwari loan using your safaricom line.

  1. Kashway

Kashway is another loan app in kenya offering loans between ksh 500 to ksh 50,000. They have a low interest rate and they are one of the fastest among other loan applications to disburse your money if you have qualified for a loan. With a android mobile phone you can download there app, complete a registration and within minutes you can either wait for an mpesa message or a disapproval message which is rare.

13 Flash Pesa

FlashPesa just like the above loan apps offers quick loan and no registration fee is required. Its one of the best loan apps in Kenya today which disburses your loan in a matter of minutes after registration. There loans start at ksh 2000 and do have a maximum of 50,000.

  1. Credit Hela

CreditHela is a loan application which can be found on Google Play Store and normally offers credit loans to Kenyans who meet there qualification parameters. There loans amount from ksh 1500, to ksh 80,000.

15 Zash Loan

Zash loan is another mobile application app that can be downloaded on Google play store that offers Kenyans quick loans in case you have an emergency, go for shopping or finance your business. They offer Kenyans quick loans starting from ksh 500 and up to 50,000. To qualify they have to check your credit history and other qualifications only known to them.



Loan apps have become one of the popular ways to sought out quick personal emergencies in kenya today. These above loan apps in kenya are the best loan apps in kenya since they do not ask for some registration fee.

Disclaimer . the article here is only intended for informational purposes only  and does not address any individual circumstances.. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility.