Highest paying Degrees in 2022

Highest paying Degrees in 2022
Highest paying Degrees in 2022


There are many factors that a forthcoming undergraduate takes into deliberation when deciding which bachelor’s Degree to choose. One of the most important considerations should be how the degree major will improve their salary and improve their career expectations in the future. There are multiple degree courses in existence that are both rewarding and can assist in promising learners remarkable careers later in life. So, if you are looking for the highest paying degrees which will set you as a student for the best paying career, you are in the right place as below is a compiled list of the best degrees. Take a look.

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Top 8 highest paying degrees

  1. Petroleum Engineering

Generally engineers have a very high demand; studying for any engineering course sets a graduate up for a well-paying job. Petroleum engineering is the highest paying major among all engineering majors. Graduates with this degree work in gas and oil production stations or other areas with similar services or products. To enroll in this major, you have to excel in mathematics and science. This Degree can earn you a starting salary of more than $100,000 after graduating. So, if you are aspiring to earn the highest, petroleum engineering should be your pick.


  1. Actuarial Mathematics

If you are a lover of math, a degree in actuarial mathematics can suit you perfectly. These are among the best degrees that will provide you with various job opportunities in math and promise very high compensation in terms of salary. Some of the jobs you can get by studying this course include logistician, actuary and market research analyst. Among the entire major in this category, an actuary is the highest-paid. With this course, you can expect to earn at least $60,000.


  1. Computer Science

Computer courses nowadays are the most marketable globally; each company needs a computer to run its operations.

Firms of all sizes need a computer specialist to pop in now and then fix their technical problems, which is why this is among the best degrees.


  1. Nuclear Engineering

This is also another engineering degree that tops our list of the highest-paying degrees. Even though it is not our number one choice of Engineering for the highest paying engineering major, it is equally a very competitive course that promises very high salaries. An entry-level nuclear engineering opportunity can earn an entry-level graduate a whopping $67,000. This is salary is far from just average making.


  1. Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is also another one on the list for degrees earning the highest. With this engineering major, a graduate can take various paths in their career. The entry-level of this field of study can earn approximately a graduate an entry-level of roughly $69,000. Chemical engineers can get opportunities in oil and gas companies. Other areas also available for them to pursue include toiletries, pharmaceuticals, plastics, food and drinks and metals. The chemical engineers are responsible for the creation of new products and materials making it rank among the best degrees.


  1. Electronics & Communications Engineering

Another engineering degree that ranks in our highest paying degrees list is Electronics &Communication Engineering. This course entails learning about semiconductor devices, electrical networks, digital communication, and others in line with how electricity and energy are retrieved. These engineer graduates work in the military, the broadcast industry and television and radio, among others. This is also among the degrees earning highest as a graduate at an entry-level position can earn a salary starting with $64,000.


  1. Pharmacy

Pharmacy can be described as a science of dispensing, preparing and reviewing drugs and offering extra clinical services. This Degree entails studying pharmaceutical chemistry plus medical science in great detail, providing graduates with excellent career prospects in the future and after graduation. Typical jobs in this field of study include hospital pharmacist, community pharmacist, research scientist and pharmacologist. Their starting salary is approximately around $78,000.


  1. Aeronautics and Astronautics

This science explores the study of manufacturing and design of aircraft, satellites, race cars and rockets. While studying this course, you will look at how these machines operate in space and within the atmosphere. A graduate of this course can expect a salary of $73,100 at an entry-level position.  With this kind of salary, no wonder is among the degrees earning highest globally. They can expect to work in the field like an aeronautical engineer, designer or astronautical engineer.



These are some of the degrees earning the highest globally. To get this Degree, you have to excel well in your education. If you are wondering which the highest paying degrees are, then above, you will find a compilation of some of them.