While the feeling of owning a car is sensational, first-time car buyers in Kenya can be skeptical of the entire process.  That’s because of the variety of choices out there, and different prices.
Let’s say, you have already picked the color. But you can’t choose between several models and favorable features to choose from. Yet, you can’t wait to see yourself behind the wheel.
Before rushing to buy, you should know some first car buying basics. This article encompasses 7 eye-opening tips to help you buy the best car for your money.

Consider your transport needs

Car features will guide you to pick a car that suits your transport needs. You will probably go for a seven-sitter if you have a big family. Supposing you you live in the countryside, where the roads are rough — you will want a car that withstands terrains. And supposing you will be on the road a lot, you want to avoid the fuel guzzlers.

Such are some considerations you should be pondering on right now. So, why are you buying a car? Break it down as I did above.

Assess your financial ability

Assessing what you can afford in maintenance, insurance, and fueling is important. Buying a car you can not maintain is a mistake.
Also, before buying, you should at least have 20% of the car price at hand. You should be able to pay the remaining amount within 4 years. Add the maintenance cost and the car price to set a realistic budget. Then, buy within your financial ability. Do not let the salesperson lure you into buying beyond your budget.
Your loaner can repossess your car if you fail to pay.

Do an online search

 Car dealers have online websites and Facebook pages. Use them to research car models, features, prices, and financing. If you are well informed, unscrupulous salespersons can not overprice your car. Also, you can’t buy a car that does not suit you. I have heard customers complain about overpricing, and, buying cars they wouldn’t buy if they had done their homework

Pick a reputable car dealer

 Most complaints I have heard from car buyers circulate awful car dealers. If you pick a reputable dealer you will get an honest service. Our salespersons are well trained to listen to car buyer preferences and suggestions. They will guide you through your options and even help you secure good financing.

Take a test drive

 A test drive lets you know if a car has any faults and its performance. A good test drive takes about 30 to 45 minutes. A thorough test drive offers you enough time to see if the driving experience is excellent. Also, you will have time to see if the audio system, seat recliners, and so on are working.

Avoid private sellers

 Cars bought from private sellers have mechanical issues most of the time. Cheap when you buy, but, you end up using a lot of money on repairs and other issues. If the seller is not a close family member or friend, you are better off with a car dealer.

Consider Used car options

 They say everyone drives a used car. True. A used car is not that bad for a first car. be careful with the mileage and the general condition of the car.
Our car dealership deals in both new and used cars. You can find a superb model that suits your needs.
Also, used cars are easy on your pocket too.

Final thoughts on First-time Car Buyers in Kenya

 You are now schooled on the basics of buying your first car. you will have the best shopping experience. Furthermore, you can start your online search here. G-rides car Bazaar is a reputable car dealer you can trust in Kenya.
Look at our Facebook page or inventory page for wonderful car deals. Also, you can call us on +254715885476 to speak to one of our agents.