Gee rides
Gee rides

The decision to buy a car is not always a straightforward one.  There are times you may find yourself wondering if getting a car is the right decision for you. All in all, depending on where you are in life financially, there will come a time when you will make up your mind about getting a car. But still, you may be faced with more choices.

Between a new car vs. a used car, which option do you go with?

Even for those who can afford their dream car, making this decision can be overwhelming. While there is pride in buying a new car, there are times getting a used car that’s in good condition has its advantages.

This article shares some tips that can help you make an informed, wise decision.

Reasons To Buy A Second-hand Car

If you opt to go with a used car, you will surely see some good side to it. Here are some of them:

  • Used cars are cheaper. Buying a new car can be expensive, especially if you are getting a prestige model. Your budget may not always allow you to spend on the prestige model. Thereby, you’d have to settle for a second-hand model. Also, with a careful strategy, you can pick a car that’s in good condition, almost as new.
  • You may end up paying lower insurance rates with used cars.  In contrast, expect to pay higher premiums with newer models.
  • Some new models tend to depreciate a lot faster than older models.

Reasons To Buy A New Car

In contrast, getting a used car means you are willing to give so much that comes with a new car.

  1.  Reliability

While it is possible to get a used in a perfectly good condition,  choosing a used model cannot always guarantee you how reliable that car will serve you. You could get a used car, and two years down the line, your end up with scrap metal that breaks down every other week.  I’m not saying used cars don’t stand the test of time but also you have to consider the depreciation aspect of such an asset. Inspect the car you want to buy in detail before you seal the deal.

  1. Prestige

Sometimes, the decision to get a new car comes from a place of pride.  Settling for a new car is not a bad thing at times as we all want the good things in life. After years of toiling and saving, you probably don’t want to go in any car. You want your next wheels to be brand new or at least something close to it. Perhaps you are getting a gift for your beautiful wife. Or you are getting a family car, which could be the first car to touch your home compound. Chances are: you have been imagining yourself on the highway driving already, soaking in the smell of a new car, and listening to your favourite songs. Perhaps only a brand new car can satisfy that craving.

      3. To enjoy improved features and standards

Comparing a new car to an older model, with a new version, you are likely to get a vehicle with high fuel efficiency, polished structural reinforcements, and up-to-date features.

Closing Thoughts

Regardless of the choice you make, whether you choose to go with a new car or a used car, make an informed decision. One based on your situation and what you need.

The bottom line is: pick a good car that you will drive for long.  Remember, you can always save a few thousand shillings by trying to negotiate with your dealer.  Even if your dealer knocks off Ksh 30,000 off your original price, it’s worth the shot.

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