The Toyota Fielder is an exciting car that covers your travelling basics. It’s right for you because it comes with the originality and respect of a traditional wagon from the popular Corolla brand. Its efficiency in fuel usage, cheap maintenance, and more cargo room, makes it a reliable car for many Kenyans.

Generations within Generation

The Toyota Fielder first came out as a product in the 9th generation of the Corolla brand. You see, Corolla’s first generation was in 1966. That’s why.

It hit the market in 2000 as a unit in the category of the Corolla Wagon.

Remember that Corolla has other categories such as Corolla Sedan with multiple units produced in the same generation.

So in its evolution, Corolla has developed the Fielder a couple of more times up to date. Major renovations are in 2008 and 2012. Thus in total, the Fielder has undergone three creations but under a bigger brand name with more than 11 generations.

Toyota Fielder (2000-2007).  Corolla’s 9th generation: Power is obtained from two kinds of gasoline engine. The base capacity is 1.5L (Series-1NZ) with the highest at 1.8L (Series-2ZR). Diesel engines for this generation are 1.4L, 2.0L and 2.2L, where the first two are turbocharged. Transmission is; manual in 5 or 6-speed, multimode manual in 5-speed, or automatic in 4-speed. The Fielder lineup includes three trim levels, but all cars come with a one-touch foldable rear seat.

Toyota Fielder (2008-2011). Corolla’s 10th generation: There are major adjustments in performance and fuel efficiency. The 1.5L engine is equipped with CVT for more speed and clean emissions. Likewise the 1.8L is equipped with variable timing (valvematic) for the same purposes.

Toyota Fielder (2012-Present). Corolla’s 11th generation: Cars exist in both front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive. The lineup increases with hybrid models of 1.5L. The new engine is quite standard in fuel efficiency, which grants the AWD a sporty outlook.

Fuel Economy

Gas mileage estimates of this Corolla class differ slightly for its lineup.

The 4-speed, 6-speed automatic transmissions plus CVT clock an average of 13 kilometres per 1L. That is, city/highway combined: 12km/16km.

The hybrid version leads the way with a mean 14 km/L – city/highway: 12km/18km.

What’s interesting is the newest hybrid seems super efficient with an average estimate of 33km/L.

Varied Acceleration, High Performance

Toyota Fielder is a good fuel conserver. The 1.5L engine has impressive fuel economy. It’s quite slow in acceleration, but improves as the car increases speed. This fuel efficient powertrain takes 10.2 seconds to accelerate from 0-100km.

The 1.8L engine is slightly shabby in fuel economy, but isn’t overall bad. It takes 8.8 seconds to speed up to 100km – all glory to a strong kick and quick acceleration.

Toyota Fielder 2014

Curvy, Sporty Exterior

Toyota Fielder is a five-door sporty wagon with at least three trim models: 1.5X, 1.5XG-Edition, and 1.8S. The 1.5X has a rear spoiler, LED stop lights, and projector-like headlights. The XG-Edition comes with a side mudguard, a privacy glass, and both front and rear spoilers. The 1.8S model has the sportiest design.

Moderate Interior

The cabin is quite limited, but very functional. All models(Toyota fielder) come with standard interior features like an infotainment screen, buttons and control knobs on well-polished plastic.

Storage capacity in the cabin includes front and rear side pockets, the center box, and a glove compartment. The rear seat can be folded only once to fit in large cargo from the boot side.

Special stitched synthetic leather seats are meant to accommodate five people. The driver’s seat with recline function is manually adjustable to the front or sideways for suitable legroom. However, Fielder’s the center box somehow limits leg-space for the middle seat in the second row.

Standard Safety

The Toyota Corolla Fielder comes with brake assist and antilock brakes (ABS) for traction control and good stability.

In addition to the child connectors, there are enough airbags on the front and side.  There’s also a knee airbag for the driver and cushion seat airbags for passengers.

A rearview 360-degree camera in addition to sensors such as blind-spot monitoring are standard in the latest generation.


  • Adequate storage capacity.
  • Efficient fuel consumption.
  • Affordable maintenance.


  • Slow acceleration of the 1.5L engine.
  • Low ground clearance.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a quiet ride that guarantees pleasant commuting, the Toyota Fielder is it. In fact, it will make your daily grind so much enjoyable. It’s also a dependable car in family or business matters for its efficiency in fuel economy. Its increased capacity to hold cargo is an added advantage.