Might you be looking to lease a new car? Well wondering which websites you should turn to? We have with us some of the most popular car leasing sites that will sought you out.

Leasing a new car was once an activity preserved for business motorists only, and not many people ventured into the business. Today consumers have opted to lease a new car, and it has increasingly become an alternative to traditional car financing.


Today when you step into any showroom, you will find them having personal contract purchases and Personal contract hire schemes. In addition, there are numerous independents, and there are also some major business lease players, and everyone is offering some awesome tempting deals.

Leasing has its positive side, especially when you look at the cash flow side of the aspect. Leasing a car is cheaper than buying it using a fiancé product such as a hire purchase or personal contract purchases (PCP).


When you lease a car, the monthly product comes with an option of inclusion of the car maintenance that usually eliminates the risk of big bills when you take the car for the annual maintenance services. Right now, we won’t dwell so much into detail on the pros and cons of car leasing; however, it will be tackled later on.


Now that perhaps you have made up your mind and you have decided your leasing a car, then the most obvious move would turn to the internet and seek the answer to the question, which car leasing operator should you turn to?

When going for car leasing options, always ensure you’re going for PCH offers and not the business contract hire, which is meant for business customers. Also, you need to study carefully the contract you are about to append your signature, especially on the mileage, so that you don’t get yourself a raw deal.



Just in case you’re looking to buy a new or used vehicle check these websites they will guide you. You can also be looking to sell your car here are some of the best websites to sell your car.


Different types of leasing sites


For those looking to lease a car, there is a wide choice of providers out there when you could get a terrific deal:

Manufacturer leasing offers.

Leasing companies and independent brokers.

Comparison sites tracking all of them.


You will notice that the leasing sites available offer deals on different models from different manufacturers, and there is a fluctuation of pricing on the same model of the car. That tells you one site isn’t enough to make a conclusion you need to shop around.

Generally, independents car leasing owners offer better offers than manufacturer sites; however, that doesn’t mean prices are lower. Below are some of the best websites where you could get better deals when you want to lease a car, and we can assure you there worth checking.


The best websites for leasing a new car today

  1. Manufacturer sites
  2. Auto Trader
  3. Carparison
  4. Hippo Leasing
  5. Leasing.com
  6. LeasePlan
  7. Leasing Options
  8. LeaseLoco
  9. Lings Cars
  10. Moneyshake
  11. Rivervale
  12. Select Car Leasing
  13. Zen Auto



1.Car manufacturer websites


Go to any manufacturer’s website


There has been a trend in recent years where car manufactures usually have some leasing offers on their cars. This is a marketing tactic to market some specific models and also to clear their stock of used cars, and the best way is to lease the cars.


Leasing from manufacturers has its merits; among the most obvious ones are cutting out the broker and dealing directly with the front-line servicing and maintenance option. You will also find that manufacturer’s deals are cheaper or, on average, when we look at pricing compared to other players in the market.


On the flip side, going for the manufacturer cars has demerits such as there is no availability of a wide selection of cars to choose from and what is there is just a limited number of models. You also don’t have the liberty to compare cars from other brands directly; hence the choices are limited to what is available there.


  1. Auto Trader 

Among the best sites out there for leasing a new car is Auto Trader, which is UK and Ireland’s largest digital automotive platform. Auto Trader has been in the business of selling cars for years, and they do have an extensive comparison section available on their site.


In case you’re wondering how leasing works, there is a ton of information on the website on how car leasing works in the form of content and videos. The information on car leasing that is available on the site will answer most queries any first-time leasing customer would want to know. There is also a tone of reviews that will give more insight into the questions one seeks to answer.


Suppose you are satisfied and have already settled for a unit. If that is the case, you will find a similar search engine that is similar to what other comparison sites offer where you can see the leasing deals available, and you can search entries based on the model, mileage, monthly cost, and as such. At Auto Trader, you will find a sizeable number of cars, but the selection isn’t as wide compared to other comparison sites.


  1. Carparison

Carparison is among the best websites for leasing a new car out there. If you need to sort out a lease car then Carparison is the website to go for. The company was launched in 2018 with a goal of meeting the demand for leasing cars in a quick and easy way since, according to them, there was a gap.


To start with, if you have a monthly budget, then all you need is to fill it up, and you will be represented with some of their top deals. The site has two categories that have been separated that’s the personal and the business option. When you click on either the personal or the business option, you will be redirected to a page where you can fill in more detailed information and requirements of what you’re looking for.


Navigating through the site is easy, and you can start by searching the make and model of the car to narrow down your search, and all the deals available in the leasing market will pop up. The sites have more advanced features of searching vehicles, and there is also tons of information regarding leasing, such as “is leasing for me,” leasing fees explained,, and “how to order a lease car”.







  1. Leasing.com

Among the best websites for leasing new cars is Leasing,com. The company has positioned itself as one of the leading car leasing experts, and it’s among the several comparison sites you will find. Leasing.com doesn’t lease cars itself, but it’s a comparison site for lease companies where one can compare the deals available at the lease companies.


The company has been in existence since the year 2000, and from information found on the site, it alleges it has helped more than a million people find a good deal. Offers found at Leasing.com from the manufacturer are cheaper than those found at the the manufacturers sites.


Just like any other comparison site, you can expect to find a huge choice of lease cars whether you’re looking for a Roll-Royce or a Renault. You will also find tons of guides both in video and articles on leasing topics.

When you open the site, you will be met by the fill-in menu, some leasing information, tips and advice, and also some car reviews. At the bottom of the site you can get quick links to the makes your looking for, whether its hybrid or electrical, or SUVs.

Leasingcars.com ratings are good and have been powered by the rating index, so all the vehicles available at leasing.com have been reviewed and rated by UK’s top automotive websites journalists.


  1. LeasePlan

Looking for the best websites for leasing a new car, well, LeasePlan should be among the top contenders on the list. LeasePlan is a household name in the business of leasing new cars and has built a reputable reputation in the business.


LeasePlan deals with personal car leasing for consumers, and the website has tons of available offers to choose from. The website is easy to navigate, and you can filter cars by make, budget, mileage, age; and there is also an advanced search.

There is also extensive information on how leasing works, which includes video tutorials. LeasePlan also has extras such as insurance deals, maintenance deals, and specific deals from brands such as Tesla electric cars.


  1. Leasing Options

When looking for the best websites for leasing a new car, Leasing Options is among the best available options to turn to. Looking at the Leasing options website, it’s not as fancy as other leasing companies websites. Their homepage doesn’t have guides and video tutorials on how car leasing works, but it gets the job done.


When you want a car there is a car leasing special offer section where you can choose a car based on the available offers presented, and also there is down there a manufacturer section where you can choose your desired car from 36 manufactures.







When you click on the maker of the vehicle at hand, you will be redirected to a dedicated page where there is a description of the brand, and a little bit further, there is the models to choose from. You can also choose a vehicle based on the length of the contract, mileage, and the lease type you are looking for. As you continue to choose, you will find hundreds of deals on leasing cars; however, you will notice that the car pictures are squeezed, making it not so attractive.

In case you’re looking to compare cars, then Leasing Options gives you a platform to compare four cars under a section called “my garage”. Here you can get a brief description of each car, price, contract details, initial rental, technical details, and so forth.


  1. LeaseLoco

It’s been said it’s the UK’s biggest car lease comparison site, and today, it is among the best sites for leasing a new car. The site has much to recommend it for, especially the feature of the score system. The system analyses every lease deal on the table for the customer and comes up with options or suggestions a customer can opt for. An example is when you’re leasing an Audi A6 for the price of an Audi A4.

The site dwells much on the affordability aspect, and you will not find a home page that has the model and make of a car in the search bar. All you will find is a search bar asking how much can you spend in a month for a car. Depending on your money, the site will filter for you the models and the makes which are within your budget, and you can narrow down from there.


The advantage of this website is that it reveals alternatives that might not have crisscrossed your mind. They do also keep business and personal schemes different from each other, making the website very neat. When you scroll on the website, you will also find a very interesting feature called “dream garage” which enables you to save certain vehicles and track down their price movements.


  1. Lings Cars

Are you looking for the best websites for leasing a new car? Well, Ling’s cars is among the websites where you can find a good deal when looking to lease a new car. The website is stunning, and you simply have to check it to believe it. You don’t believe it click the link above; we shall await you, don’t worry.


The company is owned by Ling valentine, who describes herself as a “scruffy Chinese girl,” and all her pictures appear all over the site. But don’t be confused; she has leased tens of thousands of cars to her clients over the years.


The website is simple to navigate, and there is the usual drop-down filter menu where you can sort out the cars based on the model, deposit options, price, and so forth. You will also find a section of the cheapest current deals. However, if you’re expecting to learn how car leasing works on the website, then there isn’t much information on that. What you will find here is how the Ling system works, car quizzes, and games.

  1. Moneyshake







Moneyshake is one of the websites where you can get to lease a car if you are looking to lease a car this year. It is a simple to use website and brings all the brands, models, and the best offers in town all in one place for ease of comparison.

MoneyShake will simply ask you if you have a car in mind you are looking for, and if you click yes, it will take you straight to a search tab where you can scroll the model of your choice and choose the options available.

Assuming you don’t know which model of car you want, you should click no, and you will be displayed with a helpful section to assist you in finding a car that suits your needs.

The website also has information regarding leasing, and there is a series of hot offers as well. In case you sign up, you will get email notifications for the personalized deals they have on offer for you.


  1. Rivervale

Leasing can never be easier, especially with the best websites for leasing a new car being some of the helpful online market places where one can turn to. Rivervale is among the best leasing sites for leasing a new car.

Rivervale is among the top UK’s leading car leasing market place which caters to both business and individual clients. Rivervale has no attachment to any car maker, and you get the best deal from its 35 manufacturers under their site. Switching from the personal to business quotes is simple, and you will be presented with the hot deals that are currently available.

To filter the kind of car you’re looking for, you’re presented with four alternatives to choose from. There is the budget, preference (economical or luxury), manufacturer, or the type of the car. With such a detailed filter section it becomes easy to settle for something from the list of stock that is presented.

In its blog section, you will find a lot of leasing advice, general tips, and guidance on car maintenance.

  1. Select Car Leasing

Select Car leasing is obviously one of the best sites for leasing a new car in the UK. They claim to have had sales of more than 50,000 cars, and looking at Trustpilot reviews,they have over 21,000 five-star rating reviews.


When you visit their website, all the cars have the usual information, but there is a summary reviews of the car a detailed review of the car. They do not have as many choices compared to the other automotive leasing sites; however, their price compared to the others is competitive.

One of the notable sections on the website is the electrical vehicle section which is off the home page. The latest deals and lots of other useful information regarding leasing and the reviews can be found in other sections of the website.


And just you know, there is a price match service where one is paid £50 in Amazon vouchers if a customer can find a comparable deal at a better price elsewhere than Select Car Leasing .


  1. Zen Auto







Zen Auto closes our list of the best sites for leasing a new car. The Leeds-based company is among the latest entry into the car leasing business, but it’s a subsidiary of Zenith leasing provider, which has been in existence for years.


The homepage menu has been divided into three sections, the first one touching on whether you are not sure of what you’re looking for, the second one is if you know exactly what you’re looking for, and the third one if you know exactly what you want to spend on a car. When you click on either menus options the search engine will then seek for you the best deals based on your selection and you can still refine it further.


The problem with Zen Auto is there missing too much information, and there are no ratings for cars.



Above is a summary of the best websites for leasing a new car. The list has some of the best sites you can find in the UK, which offer a wide choice of selection when looking for a leasing deal. Click on either of the websites above you will be redirected to website which is offering some of these car leasing deals.