List of insurance companies in Kenya

insurance companies in kenya
insurance companies in kenya

In kenya you must have a car insurance cover if you have to drive your car in any public road. Driving a car in any Kenyan road without a car insurance cover is breaking Kenyan traffic laws . moving around with a car that has expired insurance cover or no cover at all risks not only your life as the owner of the vehicle but also the lives of other road users. Car insurance covers are very important and you need to factor which car insurance company you will opt for when you buy a car here. All our cars in this showroom need a car insurance cover before you drive them when you buy.

Choosing a car insurance company might be alot of work considering there so many  car insurance companies in kenya as we have listed below. Today we have just given you a list of automotive insurance companies in kenya you should check out before deciding which is the best among them to go for.

  1. AAR Insurance Kenya Limited
  2. Africa Merchant Assurance Company Limited
  3. AIG Kenya Insurance Company Limited
  4. Allianz Insurance Company Of Kenya Ltd
  5. APA Insurance Limited
  6. Apollo Life Assurance Limited
  7. Britam Insurance Company
  8. Cannon Assurance Limited
  9. Capex Life Assurance Company Limited
  10. CIC General Insurance Limited
  11. Continental Reinsurance Limited
  12. Corporate Insurance Company Limited
  13. Directline Assurance Company Limited
  14. East Africa Reinsurance Company Limited
  15. Fidelity Shield Insurance Company Limited
  16. First Assurance Company Limited
  17. GA Insurance
  18. Gateway Insurance Company Limited
  19. Geminia Insurance Company Limited
  20. Heritage Insurance Company
  21. ICEA LION General Insurance Company Limited
  22. ICEA LION Life Assurance Company Limited
  23. Intra Africa Assurance Company Limited
  24. Invesco Assurance Company Limited
  25. Kenindia Assurance Company Limited
  26. Kenya Orient Insurance Limited
  27. Kenya Reinsurance Corporation Limited
  28. Kenyan Alliance Insurance Company Ltd
  29. Liberty Life Assurance Kenya Limited
  30. Sanlam Kenya plc
  31. Madison Insurance Company Kenya Limited
  32. Mayfair Insurance Company Limited
  33. Mercantile Insurance Company Limited
  34. Metropolitan Life Insurance Kenya Limited
  35. Occidental Insurance Company Limited
  36. Old Mutual Life Assurance Company Limited
  37. Pacis Insurance Company Limited
  38. Pan Africa Life Assurance Limited
  39. Phoenix Of East Africa Assurance Company Limited
  40. Pioneer Assurance Company Limited
  41. Real Insurance Company Limited
  42. Resolution Insurance
  43. Shield Life Assurance Kenya
  44. Takaful Insurance Of Africa Limited
  45. Tausi Assurance Company Limited
  46. The Jubilee Insurance Company Of Kenya Limited
  47. The Monarch Insurance Company Limited
  48. Trident Insurance Company Limited
  49. UAP Insurance Company Limited
  50. UAP Life Assurance Limited
  51. Xplico Insurance Company Limited