Elon Reeve Musk Gee rides
Elon Reeve Musk Gee rides
Elon Reeve Musk Gee rides
Elon Reeve Musk Gee rides


Elon Musk is the charismatic co-founder and CEO of Electric car maker Tesla and rocket manufacturer SpaceX. He got his Educated at the University of Pennsylvania in Physics. Musk started as wet as a serial tech entrepreneur early Successes like; Tesla inc, Open AI, Solar city, Neuralink, Paypal Zip2, and X.com.

Elon Musk Quick Biography

Elon has a Canadian father and a South African mother and is south African born before relocating.Musk was born to a Canadian mother and South African father and raised in Pretoria, South Africa. He briefly attended the University of Pretoria before moving to Canada at age 17 years to avoid conscription. He was enrolled at queens university and transferred two years later, having received a bachelor’s degree in economics and physics. He moved to California in 1995 to attend Stanford university but decided instead to pursue a business career.


  Celebrity Name: Elon Musk


  Celebrity real name

Elon Reeve Musk


  Celebrity gender



  Celebrity date of birth

June 28, 1971


  Celebrity place of birth

Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa.


  Celebrity Nationality:

South Africa


  Celebrity Sexual Orientation:



  Celebrity Marital Status:



  Celebrity Spouse 

Talulah Jane Riley-Milburn


  Celebrity Children 

    7 {seven}


  Celebrity Profession:

Professional Business entrepreneur at Tesla Automotives


  Elon Musk Wealth

    $248 million


 Is Elon musk Married? Relationship, Dating, Affair, Girlfriend, Wife, Children

Elon reeve musk is married to Talulah Jane Riley, and the pair married in 2010 at Dornoch Cathedral in Scotland. Elon and Talulah have seven children now but from different mothers. Maybe they will have some in the future. Elon dated Talulah, married, and divorced twice before parting ways for good.






ELON MUSK Net Worth, Income & Salary

Elon musk’s wealth is estimated to be around $248 million to $340. Elon musk’s wealth, or rather The Boss wealth, has been accumulated through his own companies on electric Tesla automotive company. Therefore, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Elon is one of the wealthiest people on Earth. Instead of taking a salary, he is compensated in stock awards from Tesla. He is currently the richest person in the world in 2022. His is accumulated through companies like Tesla inc, PayPal, neural link solar city, and open AI.

Elon Musk Social Media Accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

ELON MUSK Facebook page has around 2 million fans, and on his Twitter account, he has approximately 71.6 million followers. He has about 2.6 million followers on Elon Musk Instagram, while on YouTube, Elon Musk Subscribers are around 475,000.




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 Under the Forbes real-time billionaires and Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Musk has an estimated net worth of around US$243 million. He is the current richest person in the world of 2022.