Whenever you are on the road, it is a safety measure to check if your brakes are properly functioning. Driving a car with a faulty braking system can be risky, not only for you but also for other people using the road. If you notice some faults with your car braking system, it could be there is a brake fluid leak. Brake fluid leaks can often cause perilous accidents. It is one of the safety measures you should aim to inspect as a car owner.

The braking system could leak from four different areas. First, the leak could be in the brake master cylinder. Secondly, it could be the brake line. Thirdly, it could be the rear brake caliper or the front brake caliper.

How does brake fluid look like?

It is easy to differentiate brake fluid from other type of engine fluids – that’s because brake fluid is different from engine oil or anti-freeze oil. It is lighter, and has a similar color to vegetable oil. Its color ranges from light, yellowish to dark brown, assuming the fluid hasn’t been changed as recommended.

Signs your car has brake fluid leaks

You can easily tell if your car brake fluid is leaking by observing several signs. Here are three signs to observe:

  • Check for a puddle of viscous fluid on the floor

You can tell if your car has been leaking by noticing a trail or puddle of the dark brown to yellowish fluid on the floor. Inspect well what type of fluid it is. You will be able to tell if it is brake fluid depending on the viscosity and color of the fluid.

  • The brakes feel soft or squishy

Once air or moisture gets into the brakes system, it causes contamination. When such happens, the brakes may tend to feel spongy when you press on them. Also, pressing the brakes moves the pedal all the way down. This should not be the case. The fluid in the brake system should not come into contact with air.

  • Leaks from parts of your car

Inspect underneath your car, around the wheels for wetness. Sometimes if the leak goes for long without being noticed, it creates a puddle of fluid underneath your car.
Why your car is leaking brake fluid
When your car starts to leak brake fluid, often it a sign of other problems. The leak could be coming from any of master cylinders, wheel cylinders, brake calipers, or rubber hoses.

  • The calipers and wheel cylinders can have problems.
  • Leaking along the brake lines.
  • The bleeder valves could be loose.
  • The master cylinder could be leaking.
  • The ABS unit could be faulty.
  • What do to do when you notice brake fluid leaks.

In worst case scenario, a brake fluid leak problem can manifest when you attempt to hit the brakes on high-speed, but the car won’t stop. This can be dangerous because as a driver you may cause serious accidents and damage on the road. That means, as soon as you spot a sign of brake fluid leak, your next move would be to take the vehicle for repair at a nearby mechanic.

Don’t wait until it gets worse. As soon as you notice such symptoms, take your car to a repair shop for inspection. You will find many mechanics ready to offer car repair services, often at an affordable price. Treat brake fluid leaks as safety risk.

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