There are many mistakes to avoid when buying a car, just like you are keen when shopping for a phone or a computer.  You may spend a lot on a car that’s not worth the amount you part with or you may end up getting what locals like to a ‘scrap metal’.

If you are on the fence on this one, here are six grievous mistakes to avoid when buying a car. 

Let’s dive in.

Not scouting online for specifics

The internet has revolutionized online shopping. You can get the information, specifics, and buy almost everything online. From valentines flowers to expensive items like your car. To get the best deal on a car, you need to compare the pricing, financing, features, and so on from several online dealerships. It will help you score a good deal on all aspects. Also, you will know what to look for when you get to the dealership.

Not giving financing much thought

Financing is a critical aspect when buying your car. The car becomes fully yours when you pay your car loan in full. Otherwise, your money lender can repossess the car.

To avoid such instances, first, know the total cost of the car. Then break it down. Know the down payment you can afford, the monthly installments, and the interest. Sometimes increasing the down payment a little can lower the overall interest you pay by far. Also, a long-duration loan can have low installments but you end up paying more in interest. 

Our car dealer attendants will take you through the financing aspect in an easy-to-understand manner. You will be able to choose an option that does not cut into your finances.

Not calculating Your Trade-in value

Many car buyers are overwhelmed by the thought of owning a new car. They trade the old car off easily. Many unscrupulous car dealers will take advantage of this to rip you off. It is advisable to calculate the value of your car before trading it for a new one. Otherwise, you are better off selling it on your own.

Also, some repairs will not add any value to the resale price. Before making any move you should consult an expert. Our car dealership accepts trade-ins. Come in your car, we will help you go over your options.

Focusing on the price too much

The price is an important aspect to look at in a car. But, you should look at other aspects too. Like, why you want to buy the car. If you are not buying it for prestige which is most of the time. You can find a cheaper option. Or even buy a used car.

Also, do not look to save a few thousand and miss out on a model you will love to own.

In short, give every aspect an almost equal priority

Not Taking a satisfactory drive test

A thorough road test will let you know if a car is what they say it is. Test the visibility, quietness, features, the driving experience on highways and rugged roads, and so on. Also, this is the time to check for faults.

You have heard people complaining about missing car parts or some fault after taking the car home.

They did a shallow test drive.

Not calculating maintenance cost

Buying a car is one thing, maintaining it is another. When you buy a car, make sure it fits your budget. For instance, do not rush for a fuel guzzler and keep jumping onto public transport because you can not afford to fuel daily.

Looking into the overall maintenance aspect is worth your time.

Avoid these mistakes and you get the best deal on your car next time.

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