Auto technology has evolved since the 1980s and today the technology is even evolving in a pace that hard to catch up with. When you’re a car dealer, a car enthusiast, or an auto mechanic you need to keep yourself updated with the latest information on what’s going on in the automotive industry. Here we have a guide for you on the top auto blogs industry that will keep you updated on the latest information on cars. These top automotive blogs have the latest information and they are updated daily hence worthy your attention.  Here are some of the best automotive blogs you should check them out.

1)  Auto Blog

If you want to know much of what’s going on in the automotive world bookmark Auto Blog since they are one of the world’s biggest blogs channeling news about the latest in the automotive industry. The blog has much information on vehicle reviews, automotive repairs and information on the latest technology in the automotive industry.


2) The Truth About Cars

The Truth About Cars is another hub for automotive news and discussions on the current event in the automotive industry. Here you will find tips and advice in regards to cars, vehicle reviews, tools review and so much more in relation to the auto industry.


3.Egm Car Tech

If you are an automotive enthusiasts and you really love cars then Egm Car Tech is a hub where you can get all information regarding the automotive industry. The information found in the blog dwells on topics  touching the automotive market, reviews, latest news in the motorsports, recalls and so much more.



Here is a source of information for those individuals who feel they want to know much about what Toyota or Nissan has on the store for them this year and in the near future. In general this is a blog which has information on the new technology and current trends in the automotive industry making it one of the top auto industry blogs you might want to follow. You can as well read a section they have on car insurance and the best rates which you might want to consider if you own a car.


5) Green Car Reports

For those car enthusiasts who stands for green technology and are champions of the environment well this is one of the top auto industry blogs you might want to follow.  Here you will get information and news on hybrids, electric cars, and new development in the auto industry. If you want to buy a car which saves your gas or has an alternative fuel source well this is the place to check it out.


6) The Detroit Bureau

Do you want to know what is to be launched soon by any car maker? How about the near future technology on cars? Well The Detroit Bureau is the voice you would want to listen if you want to be updated on any the current trends in the automotive world.  Here they don’t have reviews on cars but it’s more of a news channel but it has made it in our list of top automotive blogs in the world.

7) Car and Driver

One of the biggest automotive blogs in the world and atop auto industry blog is Car and Driver blog. It has been in existent as a magazine since 1955 and has been covering in-depth news on cars, reviews, auto-show reporting and gives advice to car buyers and car owners.


8) Automotive Addicts

This is a website owned by Malcolm and its in our list of top auto blogs in the world today. Here the topics revolve around trading, buying, selling cars, vehicles and reviews about cars.  If you want to know more information regarding a used car, then this is one of the blogs we would highly recommend you to visit.


9) Good Car Bad Car

Are you looking to buy a car and you’re just confused which is the best car or the worst car that year you should or shouldn’t go for? Well Good Car Bad Car is a website dedicated to advice you on what to go for and what not to go for. They have all the statistics based on vehicle brands, year, model, make and so forth. This is a very reputable auto blog in the automotive industry you just might want to check out.


10) The Weekly Driver

Here you will get videos, reviews and listen to podcasts on content on cars. You will get information on current auto news, reviews, auto shows and anything related to the automotive industry.

11) MotorTrend

Have you been looking for an auto industry blog that has information on first drive reviews and car comparisons then you have come to the right place Motor Trend. This blog covers content on cars, Suvs, trucks, and provides the most extensive automobile guides to consumers than any other auto blog out there.


12) Car Gurus Blog

If you want to be updated daily on all the latest technology in the auto world this is the blog to subscribe to. They have more detailed reviews on cars and they have a lot of information in regards to car tech. they do also have lots of cars in their listing so you have an option to choose something if you like it.


13) Advanced Auto Parts

Advanced auto parts is one of the largest source you can find for quality advice on tips how how to maintain your car and repair your vehicle. Those tips revolve in the subject of modeling, cleaning and detailing your car and they also have information on automotive events across the United States America.



14) The Humble Mechanic

Are you a car enthusiasts and you want to learn what to do when your car has developed a mechanical issue, well The Humble Mechanic is the one stop shop for that. Here you will find podcasts, maintenance tips and tool reviews. The blog helps vehicle owners to learn how to maintain their cars so that the car doesn’t just breakdown and you’re unable to handle the issue.


15) Auto Motor Blog

Are you a car enthusiasts who is always interested with the newest cars, trucks and motorcycles available in the market? Do you want to learn what the future holds in the world of automotive? Then this is the best blog to get such information as they have up to date information on all the latest models and makes that just hit the automotive market. You can as well learn about the new technology in cars and buying guides just in case you need to learn a few things about what you desire to buy.


16) Automotive News

This is a North American based automotive  blog where you can find the latest most up to date information and news about new cars and what’s hitting the market in the near future. You will also learn about the new technologies that are coming up in the automotive world. The blog has been in existence since 1996 and its one of the top leading auto blogs and magazine in the world today.

  1. Paul Tan’s Automotive News

This is one of the biggest auto blogs in the world though is a Malaysia based blog. It has both auto news from Malaysia and the world as well. You will find information regarding cars, trucks, bikes, test drive reviews and so much more. They have been in existence since 2004 and they normally publish about 14 posts every day.

  1. Auto Spies

Auto Spies is another top leading USA based automotive social media news site and to the world its described as the WIKIleaks of vehicles. Here you will find what its about to be released in the future. They leak information before it hits the tabloids.






19) Automotive Spaces

If you love your car so much and you would want to learn on a few tips on how to maintain the car, trick to apply to keep your car in good condition without spending so much then this is the blog to go for. They have reviews that can assist you in getting the best parts for repairing your vehicle and even more information just incase you want to have upgrades on the interior of your vehicle.

  1. Automotive Fleet

Automotive fleet is a hub of information when you want to learn more about the latest industry news and trends on vehicles. You will also learn on how to manage the leasing, purchasing and maintenance of your vehicle. They have very in depth research, case studies and drive on reviews making it one of the best auto blogs you might want to follow. If you need to learn all that is up in the fleet industry well this is the one stop shop for such information.

21) All about Automotive Blog

Do you have a question about your vehicle, is there anything you would want to know? Well this is an auto blog that will help you in answering any question you might have regarding your vehicle. Here you will have guides and learning materials on when to change your fluids, tips to keep you safe and maintain your vehicle and so much more.


22) Honest Accurate Auto Service

Do you need tips on how to maintain and take care of your car? Then if yes this is among the leading auto blogs in the world where you can get all such information and much more such as tires, headlights restoration, and all how to’s of the automotive industry.


23) Midwest Performance Cars

Are you looking for any information regarding a new car or any old car , well this auto blogs which is among the leading world’s auto blogs will give you information regarding any car whether new or old. Here you will also get tips on how to repair your vehicle and read some of their reviews.

24) Saul’s Automotive Auto Repair Blog

Sometimes repairing your vehicle can be a difficult situation especially if it’s a new model or a very old model . however that has been taken care of as this blog has how to’s guides on how to repair any model or make of a vehicle. You will get all information you need whether its brake repair, suspension repair, engine repair and even maintenance of your vehicle they have all the information you need.


25) Ratchet and Wrench

Are you a mechanic or do you want to venture into automotive repair business and you want to run an automotive repair shop? Well, this is a blog designed to help you through with your goal. You will learn the quickest ways to repair your vehicle and ways to have more customers check in your business.

  1. Jalopnik

Jalopnik is one of the biggest automotive blogs in the automotive industry. This is a blog that has information on the current trends in the automotive industry and also focuses on opinions. They touch on topics on racing, motorcycles, airplanes and in general cars. On a daily basis they have about 9 pieces of content that will keep you updated on the latest news in the auto world.

  1. Speedhunters

This is where you meet all the international photographers drivers and authors converged at one place sharing stories about cars. You will get about 7 to 10 posts a day from this blog.  Any car culture happening anywhere in the globe you will know about from here.

  1. MotorAuthority

Are you a luxury car enthusiasts who is looking for the most latest and reliable information on luxury vehicles and their performance? Well the MotorAuthority has got you covered as its one of the leading auto industry blogs that channels information regarding cars.



Final Thoughts

The auto blogs above are some of the best for anyone who want to venture in automotive business or automotive enthusiasts.  Just follow some of these blogs and you will be amazed with the much you can learn. if you got additional information that might be helpful, maybe a blog you felt we left it out just post on the comments section.